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Pasadena Interstate Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody determinations are some of the most emotionally challenging legal situations a parent can face. If you are preparing to divorce or to settle child custody with your child’s coparent, it is essential to know your rights and how an experienced Pasadena interstate child custody attorney can help you. While any child custody case can lead to complex legal battles, those that cross state lines are especially difficult. If you and your child’s other parent both live in the Pasadena area, determining custody is likely to be much easier than it would if one of you moved out of California. One parent moving out of state makes joint custody and many visitation arrangements physically impossible and can require you to find an alternative solution or re-visit an existing custody agreement.

The Law Offices of Patricia Rigdon offers the comprehensive and compassionate legal counsel you need to navigate the most difficult child custody cases with confidence. We understand the various legal statutes that can come into play in interstate custody disputes and can draw on our experience and skillset to help our clients navigate emotionally stressful custody cases. No matter what elements your unique case entails, our team will ensure you reach a custody agreement that suits your child’s best interests.

What Can a Pasadena Interstate Child Custody Attorney Do for Me?

Many child custody and child visitation determinations stem from divorce cases, and these cases become more complex if one parent decides to move out of state. If you and your spouse file for divorce and you have children together, your divorce lawyer must develop a custody agreement that outlines both of your parental rights and responsibilities. A Pasadena interstate child custody attorney can be an instrumental asset as you navigate this difficult case, helping you reach a fair and reasonable custody determination that accounts for your child’s needs. Unwed parents will also need custody orders if they decide not to raise their children together. While this type of custody determination does not involve the other aspects of divorce cases like property division or alimony, it can still evolve into a complex legal dispute. Child custody lawyers can help you make a compelling case for custody of your children, gather the materials you must submit to the court, help you navigate the mediation process, and assist you in reaching a fair custody order that aligns with your child’s needs.

What Is the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act?

Divorced or unmarried parents with custody orders often end up living far apart from one another, and the corresponding custody orders must reflect their child’s best interests. Unfortunately, disputes regarding custody arise on a consistent basis throughout the US. One of the laws in place designed to clarify custody disputes across state lines is the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA). The UCCJEA essentially prevents parental kidnapping across state lines and establishes which state’s custody laws apply when a custody dispute involves multiple states. The UCCJEA generally upholds that the state where the child has lived for the past six months or the state which holds the most personal connection to the child is the child’s home state. That state’s custody laws apply in any interstate custody dispute involving a child. The UCCJEA becomes applicable whenever a parent takes their child across state lines without the permission of the child’s other parent, especially if their standing custody order prohibits out-of-state travel with the child. Unfortunately, some parents have attempted to take their children across state lines to secure new custody orders from different states. The UCCJEA has effectively ended this practice and now enforces new legal standards that apply to any custody dispute that crosses state lines.

What Happens When a Parent Knowingly Violates a Child Custody Order?

If you have a child custody order in place, it is crucial that you abide by the terms of the order. Even seemingly minor violations of a child custody order in Pasadena can lead to severe penalties. More serious custody order violations may even lead to incarceration, fines, and loss of your custody rights. When a parent knowingly violates a custody order, the other parent has grounds to initiate contempt proceedings against them. A hearing will follow, and the judge will evaluate the at-fault parent’s behavior and determine an appropriate remedy.

It is never worth risking a violation of your custody order, even if you think the order is unfair or unreasonable. If you believe your custody order fails to suit your child’s best interests, you must consult with a divorce attorney. Similarly, if your circumstances suddenly change without warning and you can no longer manage the parental responsibilities set forth by the order, you can file a petition for modification.

Can I Modify My Custody Agreement?

The modification process allows you to request reasonable and necessary changes to a standing family court order. For example, if you are required to pay child support to your child’s other parent but lose your job due to forces beyond your control, you could file a petition to have your support obligation suspended until you secure new employment. If you have any reason to believe that your custody order is unfair or if it poses an unreasonable burden on you, you can file a petition to have the custody agreement changed.

A Pasadena interstate child custody attorney is a fantastic resource for navigating the modification process. Your attorney can help you obtain approval for your requested changes and arrange a more balanced and reasonable custody order.

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