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One of the most difficult parts of any divorce case is determining child support and child custody between divorcing parents. If you are planning to divorce, a Pasadena child support lawyer can help achieve a satisfactory custody and support arrangement that serves your children’s best interests. At the Law Offices of Patricia Rigdon, our team understands how difficult it can be to navigate the legal proceedings surrounding child support determinations, enforcement, and modification of child support orders. When you need reliable counsel from an experienced Pasadena child support attorney, Attorney Rigdon and her team are ready to assist you.

Why Choose the Law Offices of Patricia Rigdon?

When you need an attorney for any legal matter, it is essential to choose an attorney who has solid experience handling cases just like yours. Attorney Rigdon focuses solely on family law. Our team offers compassionate, client-focused legal representation for all child support-related matters in the Pasadena area. When you choose the Law Offices of Patricia Rigdon to represent you in a child support determination or dispute, you can rest assured our team will provide focused, responsive, and detail-oriented legal representation through every phase of your case.

Is It Better to Get a Lawyer for Child Support?

Ultimately, it is always best to have legal representation for any type of family law case. This is especially true for a case as important and personal as a child custody dispute. Your attorney can help you establish a strong case, gather evidence, secure necessary testimony, and ensure your case’s procedural steps are met in a timely and accurate manner.

One of the most difficult aspects of a child support determination is the fact that your children’s best interests and futures are potentially at stake. Hiring an experienced Pasadena child support lawyer is the best step you can take toward securing the results you need. If you do not secure legal representation, you run the risk of overlooking important legal statutes or evidence that could sway a determination in your favor. When you have a reliable legal team on your side, you can rest assured that your Pasadena child support attorney will uncover every available piece of evidence to support you in your case.

Can a Lawyer Help Lower Child Support?

When the family court system makes a child support determination, they rule in favor of preserving the best interests of the children. Typically, one parent pays child support to the other on a regular basis, and the amount paid reflects the financial needs of the children, the income level of the paying parent, and the estimated cost of managing the children’s living expenses. While the court strives for fairness, sometimes a child support arrangement may become untenable for the paying parent.

If you are required to pay child support but lose your job, encounter a medical emergency, or discover that your coparent is misusing child support funds, call our firm. It is possible to have your child support arrangement adjusted to account for these issues.

Can a Public Defender Help With Child Support?

Sometimes child support cases lead to more intense legal disputes between coparents. However, the cost of legal fees can sometimes deter a parent from obtaining legal representation when they need to address such disputes. While most Americans are aware that public defenders can provide zero-cost legal representation to an individual accused of a crime, they cannot provide free legal representation in civil cases.

Should I Get a Lawyer for Child Support Modification?

Life changes, often unexpectedly, and the child support agreement you currently have may not be appropriate in a year, two years, or five years due to all kinds of possible events. The birth of a new child, a sudden medical emergency, or other unforeseen event can cause your existing child support agreement to be untenable.

Family law is unique in the fact that it is possible to revisit a family court order without a complex appeals process. A post-judgment motion is a legal method of adjusting a divorce decree, alimony agreement, or child support order. Your attorney can help you draft your post-judgment motion, gather the evidence you need to support it, and ultimately guide you through the modification process until you secure the changes you need to see.

How Does the Court Determine Child Support?

Most child support determinations are components of larger divorce cases, but some unmarried parents require child support arrangements after the birth of a child. All parents need to remember that while they can negotiate some aspects of a divorce privately, the court has the final say regarding child custody and child support. Some of the factors a Pasadena judge will use to determine a fair and reasonable child support arrangement include:

  • The custody rights of each parent. Typically, a noncustodial parent pays child support to a custodial parent.
  • The income of each parent. California state law expects both parents to contribute to supporting their children in equal measure based on how much they earn. In some cases, it is possible for a lower-earning spouse to owe child support to a higher-earning spouse depending on their respective custody rights.
  • The children’s financial, educational, and medical needs. Some children have disabilities or medical conditions that require significant financial support, and it is also possible to configure a child support agreement that enables financial assistance through higher education.

When it comes to child support determination, it is absolutely essential for any parent involved in such a case to understand the value of proper legal representation. Your Pasadena child support lawyer will help you gather the documentation you need to ensure a fair and reasonable child support agreement. It is essential for both parents to provide the court with complete and accurate information so the judge can make a fully informed decision.

Can My Child Support Agreement Changeable?

A unique aspect of family law is the fact that the California family court system acknowledges that life can change very suddenly, and an existing child support agreement may no longer be tenable. A post-judgment motion can allow you to submit proposed changes to the Pasadena family court. If you have an experienced Pasadena child support attorney on your side, they can help you compile the evidence you need to make a solid case for a post-judgment modification. Once you and your Pasadena child support lawyer present your motion, the court will set a hearing where you and your coparent will have the opportunity to argue the issue in court.

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If you are ready to secure the services of a reliable and experienced Pasadena child support lawyer, the Law Offices of Patricia Rigdon are ready to help you. Contact us today and schedule a consultation and learn more about how our firm can assist you in a child support determination or modification.