Types of Alimony in California: Which One Is Right for You

Divorce is never easy. In addition to the emotional and social turmoil you may be dealing with, your mind will likely be flooded with questions about how you are going to protect yourself and your assets going forward. Alimony might be an option to help you transition after a divorce, and a California alimony attorney can help you get what you need. In many marriages, one spouse may have been

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How to Change Your Last Name & More After a California Divorce

Divorce brings many changes in your life. These changes likely involve your residence, the custody of your children, and your standard of living. Although these are among the biggest transitions you will face, there are more things to consider. One obvious but often overlooked change is that of a person’s legal name. A California divorce lawyer can help you understand how to change your last name and other intricate details

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Top 3 Benefits of a Prenup

Getting married requires extensive thought and planning for the future, as two lives are merging together. What people don’t always consider is that while their lives are merging, so are their finances. While divorce is not a topic that newly engaged couples want to consider, it’s a discussion that can be enormously beneficial to both partners. Making a California prenuptial agreement can establish protection over a couple’s future financial lives

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What Is the New Child Support Law in California in 2023?

Laws change and develop over time to stay up to date. This is important because laws that made sense 100 years ago don’t always make sense today. As circumstances change, laws should change, too. New child support laws in California have been enacted in 2023 in order to ensure they are current and can cater to children’s needs as effectively as possible. When a couple has children and goes through

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Divorce & Your Mental Health

Many people will describe the experience of a divorce as one of life’s most stressful events, up until the death of someone they love or dealing with a serious illness. Beyond dealing with the legal complexities, a divorce will also make you question the status of your financial health, which can affect how you feel mentally. With a potential change in where you live and how you interact with your

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Unexpected Divorce Costs You Should Prepare for

Most people considering a divorce understand that there will be a financial impact stemming from the decision. The process of going from two incomes to one income and even determining new living arrangements can significantly impact the daily expenses of those going through a divorce. However, there are some expenses associated with a divorce that take people by surprise. These unexpected costs can range from healthcare to higher taxes. If

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