Traditional Divorce or the Litigation Option

Just as no two marriages are the same, the same is also true of divorces.  When emotions are raw people often need the assistance of attorneys to speak for them.  In the litigation or traditional divorce model, each party hires an attorney to be their advocate and voice.  

Keep in mind that if you choose the litigation path, it does not mean your case cannot settle, it just means you have access to the court for enforcement and orders.  The vast majority of litigated divorce cases and other matters are resolved by out-of-court settlements.  

So while you want a strong litigator, you also want an attorney who can negotiate with the other side and resolve conflicts whenever possible.

Pasadena Divorce Litigation Attorney

Why do people choose a traditional divorce or litigation?

Sometimes emotions are at a boiling point when couples finally decide to separate. Sometimes the decision to divorce is not mutual and this by itself created an adversarial position between the parties.  Sometimes your spouse is hiding assets or withholding financial support.  Sometimes there are substance abuse or mental health issues. Sometimes one party is in fear of emotional and physical abuse from the other spouse or partner.  Sometimes one party has more money or is more educated spouse creating unequal bargaining positions.  These are all reasons you may need access to the court system for relief.

Why do people end up in court?

Divorce Litigation

Litigation occurs when families cannot resolve their problems through other divorce options.  Talking about issues no longer works.  When that happens, you may need to submit your issues to a family court for resolution. If you have trouble speaking up and voicing your own opinion, Patricia is an experienced litigator who will be your advocate.  Patricia recognizes that each situation is unique and will work to develop a strategy tailored to your needs.  While Patricia will work diligently to resolve you issues, she is ready to go to court  when necessary.  If you are looking for a seasoned, family law trial attorney who will work to resolve your issues without going to court at every turn, Patricia is the legal advocate for you.  Patricia has successfully litigated child custody, child support, spousal support, domestic violence and property division issues on behalf of her clients.