How Will My Divorce Impact My Adult Children?

When you are divorcing your long-term spouse, one question you might ask is, “How will my divorce impact my adult children?” While many people worry about the effect of divorce on minor children, the difficulty for adult children can often be overlooked. The legal system typically deems them legally irrelevant to their parent’s divorce process. […]

When Does Child Support End in California?

Whether living together or living apart, parents are responsible for physically and financially taking care of their children. If the parents are divorced, however, they may not always agree on how much financial responsibility each parent will cover. When this occurs for those living in California, the parents will need to seek a child support […]

How to Modify Your Child Support & Custody Agreements

Raising a child on your own is difficult enough, but handling child support and custody agreements can be overwhelming and stressful. When changes to child support and custody agreements are necessary, it is not only possible to make revisions but also very common. An attorney can show you how to modify your child support and […]

Types of Alimony in California: Which One Is Right for You

Divorce is never easy. In addition to the emotional and social turmoil you may be dealing with, your mind will likely be flooded with questions about how you are going to protect yourself and your assets going forward. Alimony might be an option to help you transition after a divorce, and a California alimony attorney […]

How to Change Your Last Name & More After a California Divorce

Divorce brings many changes in your life. These changes likely involve your residence, the custody of your children, and your standard of living. Although these are among the biggest transitions you will face, there are more things to consider. One obvious but often overlooked change is that of a person’s legal name. A California divorce […]

Top 3 Benefits of a Prenup

Getting married requires extensive thought and planning for the future, as two lives are merging together. What people don’t always consider is that while their lives are merging, so are their finances. While divorce is not a topic that newly engaged couples want to consider, it’s a discussion that can be enormously beneficial to both […]